Friday, July 10, 2009

Park Fun

We had such a fun day at the park last month with daddy. I know, I know, it was last month (already!). And I keep fully intending on just posting new photos about new events here with the Robinsons, but I really like the pictures I got this day. So, I'm finally getting around to them, and then I can move on to more recent, but still not quite current, happenings! Goodness. Maybe someday I'll be caught up *sigh*.

The kids started off in the swings...

Daddy and Doobie. They're so cute together!

Then it was time for some sliding...

One of my new favorites of Goosie

And, before we left the park, daddy taught Goosie how to roll down the hill. She was great at it!
It was a really fun afternoon at the park. And, I can only imagine that as the kids grow it's only going to get better and better.