Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yep. It was positively pinkalicious around here last night as we celebrated Sissie's half-birthday. We started this tradition last year where we make cupcakes, sing"Happy half-birthday to you" or "Half-y birthday to you" whichever we feel like, and they receive a small gift. This year, Sissie even got to have chicken "noggets" and "french tries" from "Old McDonalds" for lunch. Oh, some of the words this girl comes up with just make my heart laugh. Thanks Grandma for yummy lunch! We also had some of Sissie's favorite foods for dinner. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Breakfast for dinner. Yay! We seriously need to do that more often.

After dinner, we had pink cupcakes with pink frosting and cherries on top that Sissie helped me make and decorate. She loves to help in the kitchen, and they turned out great!
While we were eating them we talked about how they were pinkalicious, just like the ones in the story. And about how much Sissie enjoyed borrowing that book from the library this summer. I think she even asked daddy if he could taker her right then to the library so they could borrow it again. But there was no need to borrow it any longer, because last night Sissie got her very own copy of Pinkalicious.

It's a cute book about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and her whole body turns pink! Sissie was so excited about her new book. We had a really fun day celebrating our two-and-a-half year old!

In other news, Bubbas is getting so big. He'll be one in a few short weeks, and is mastering all kinds of new tricks. I even was able to get this one on camera, which is close to a miracle. Anyway, Bubbas has learned to raise his hands when we say "so big", and he's just so dern cute doing it I had to share.

Okay. One more. I can't resist!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Fun

The kids had so much fun outside after dinner a few nights ago. They played while we waited for daddy to get home, and I got some fun photos. Enjoy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

You know you're a mom when...

...this is the scene in your bathroom....

...when what you could really use is just a little privacy.

Father's Day and Doobie's Dedication

It seems like we've been celebrating things in pairs this year. It's been kinda cool, and it hasn't been our doing each time, but it has made the days we've celebrated more special and memorable. Goosie's birthday fell on Easter this year, and then this Father's Day, daddy shared the spotlight a little while with Doobie as he was dedicated at church.

Our day started out with gifts and yummy breakfast at Eat at Joes, a fun little diner, not too far from our house. It's become our Father's Day tradition now to have breakfast there. We didn't take a photo this year, but I remember the one from last year, Doobie was still baking inside my belly, and the peanut girl had just turned one. Boy how time flies! Breakfast was great! I heart their pancakes.

We spent the afternoon at my parent's house with my dad, mom and grammy. We had a smorgasbord of yummy 'appetizerey' finger foods for lunch. Our feast included strawberries with marshmallow fluff-cream cheese dip, apples and caramel dip, pigs in a blanket, honey BBQ wings, a cheese platter and yummy chocolate satin pie for dessert (like we needed dessert). I'm starting to salivate just thinking about it.
What Father's Day wouldn't be complete without a little snooze?
We left my parents, made a pit-stop at home for a quick change, and we were off to church. We do baby dedication at our church instead of the more traditional baptism. The dedication ceremony is more of a 'parent' thing as the parents make a commitment to raise their child to know and learn about God, with the support from other church members. Jus and I decided that we wanted to have Goosie with us as we dedicated Doobie, even though we knew full well that it could make things interesting. And, though this was supposed to be a serious occasion, it was actually pretty funny to watch. Goosie sang the Happy Birthday song and was talking in full voice about our car going 'beep beep' in front of everyone. And, Doobie mauled our poor pastor during his prayer - touching all over his face with his drooley hands and giving kisses too. Pastor Tim didn't even miss a beat. It was pretty impressive, and as I said earlier, you couldn't help but chuckle.

I was so excited to get some photos of the kids with daddy when we got home that day. You guys, I have the most wonderful husband. He is so sweet and thoughtful, and is such a good dad. I'm so thankful for him, and so glad he's Goosie and Doobie's daddy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Park Fun

We had such a fun day at the park last month with daddy. I know, I know, it was last month (already!). And I keep fully intending on just posting new photos about new events here with the Robinsons, but I really like the pictures I got this day. So, I'm finally getting around to them, and then I can move on to more recent, but still not quite current, happenings! Goodness. Maybe someday I'll be caught up *sigh*.

The kids started off in the swings...

Daddy and Doobie. They're so cute together!

Then it was time for some sliding...

One of my new favorites of Goosie

And, before we left the park, daddy taught Goosie how to roll down the hill. She was great at it!
It was a really fun afternoon at the park. And, I can only imagine that as the kids grow it's only going to get better and better.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adventures in Disneyland

I'm finally getting around to posting a few photos we took on a trip to Disneyland with Grandma and Grandpa last month. We had such a fun time together. And, I have to say, experiencing Disneyland through this sweet girl's eyes has really changed my perspective .
We all went on a number of rides together including almost all of Goosie's favorites right now: Dumbo, the Carousel, and Small World.

We had yummy corn dogs for dinner, and even got to see some beautiful fireworks as we were heading to the car. It was a really nice day. Thanks for coming with us, Grandma and Grandpa!


I don't think I can write another post without thanking Angela and Rebecca for helping cute-tify my blog. You are both so talented; which worked out good for me since I don't have the faintest idea about html code and such. So, thank you, thank you, and go check out their blogs if you haven't already. They're pretty darn cute!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub...


I decided to be brave and bathe both kids at the same time since Jus wasn't home from work yet. It wasn't too bad. In fact, it totally saved time (and water). I'll definitely have to try it again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy "Nother's" (Mother's) Day!

I am (mostly) loving the fact that my sweet two-year-old girl can pretty much say anything she wants. And, she's pretty understandable for just turning two. But, what I love the most is when she says something that's almost-but-not-exactly right. Some of my favorite Goosie-isms are "cow-cow-der" for catepillar, "Ingle Mush-ins" for English Muffins (mom's breakfast of choice) and my new favorite, "Par-ma-mon" Cheese (I told her she couldn't have Parmesan cheese on her yogurt-eeeew).
So, I was thrilled when (after some prompting from daddy) I heard "Happy NOTHER'S day" come out of my sweet girl's mouth as she crawled into bed with us on Sunday. It was so cute, and it made my day.

I love my girl. I love her sweetness. I love that she's so funny. I love that she is so smart. I love that she's loves to entertain. I love her determination. I love her curiosity. I tell her all the time that I love her like crazy... I do.

I love my little man. I am in love with his dimples. I love that he is so charming. I love that he loves to be held. I love that his smile melts my heart. I love that I'm still figuring out who he is. I love him, I love him, I love him...I do.

I'm so thankful that these two beautiful babes made me a mother. I'm so thankful for my own mom who has been such a beautiful example to me of how to be a good mom. Happy "Nother's" Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunny Days

"Sunny days, sweepin' the clouds away". Dang, that song is stuck in my head again. I told you we watch a lot of Sesame Street (No, we really don't watch it all day. I promise. 1 episode a day...maybe). Anyway, I figured it was such a nice day we had to take advantage of going outside. Goosie loves her water table and when I say loves, I mean LOVES. She asked for it almost every day during winter, and at the time I was relieved to tell her that she could use it when it got a little warmer outside. So, this week I was out of excuses, as we were roasting like marshmallows inside our little house. Plus I was getting cabin fever since the kids were sick and couldn't have the playdates we had planned for the week.

It still takes me way too long to get out of the house with these two. I don't really know why, but we finally made it out all sunscreened and hats on and into the front yard for some fun. Goosie loves to use her watering cans to water the big palm tree in front of our house.
And, Doobie even got to splash around in the water table a little bit. He's doing really well sitting on his own, too. It's like all of a sudden he's becoming a big boy. Have I told you how much I love my kids?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

La la la la Elmo's World

Sesame street is Goosie's absolute favorite show right now, and, well, it's the only show she's watching right now. She really is only interested in the Elmo's World segment of the show. In fact, she whines, "wanna watch Elmo show" when any other part of Sesame Street is on. So, I thought it would only be fitting that her second birthday party would be an Elmo Party. (Confused? The other birthday photos I posted were from her actual birthday, which was also Easter this year. We figured our friends were gonna be busy with their families that day, so we decided to have her 'friends' party on a different weekend.)

When we were talking with Goosie, before she turned two, about what she would like for her birthday party she told us, cake and a jumper. What else would a two year old want? So, a planning I did go...

With the help of one of my closest friends, Rachel, I tried my hand at cake making. I had seen a few cupcake cakes of Elmo's face on the internet; and got it in my head that that's what I had to do. You really don't want to know how much red food coloring gel I put into the frosting to get it this red, but it still tasted good.
I had a few cupcakes left over so we made some 'Dorothy's' with goldfish crackers too.

For decorations, I tried to replicate some of the drawings that are on Elmo's walls on the show, and we got a bouquet of Elmo balloons. I also filled fish bowls with goldfish crackers and put them outside on the tables for snacks.

I decorated our tv to look like it was Elmo's tv featuring our sweet girl
I spent more hours than I'm willing to admit on these magnets that I made for kids (and adults) to assemble and take home for their fridge.And this was Goosie's that she made at the party...
We also rented an Elmo jumper. I love the company we rented it from-Party on Rentals. They even cleaned the inside after they set it up.
Needless to say, she enjoyed the jumper. And made almost everyone at the party go in too. I even heard grandma got in there with her, the good sport that she is. I wish I had a picture of that.

We took a break from the bouncing to have some cake and open gifts.

Where was Doobie? He was in his full glory; in the loving arms of all the women at the party, of course. Here he is with Auntie Dee.
It was such a wonderful day. And though I know that she won't remember it at all, I'm glad she'll have these photos to look back on one day.